Paths of the island of Capri

Visiting the island through its most interesting natural paths is pleasant. The paths are many, from the most famous Fortini Path in Anacapri to the Pizzolungo in Capri, the Migliara, to the brand new Cacciatore path inaugurated in 2016. Equip yourself with comfortable shoes and water. For example, the Fortini path is a path that can start from different points. The two extremities are to the north-west (Punta dell’Arcera) and to the south-west (Punta Carena). Starting from one of the two locations, it is possible to complete the excursion, with a duration of about 4-5 hours. Thanks to the restoration works, the small paths have been reconnected in a single path – some very ancient, traced by the continuous passage of farmers and hunters – going to join the fortifications erected by the British military.

Published on: 9 April 2020  -  Uncategorized