Isola di Capri

Glamour & Beauty

Capri begins to be frequented above all by French and German painters since 1820, attracted by the fascinating evocative panorama of the island. After the blue grotto discover increase the tourism and from the 1860 the situation is better for the good sea connection.
During the Second World War Capri is considered a stop for soldier and American Officiers.
But it’s after the war that the island has a quickly social and economic development following the tourism .

Capri, the island in the Gulf of Naples, is famous for its rugged terrain, exclusive hotels and shopping, ranging from haute couture, ‘limoncello’, to handmade leather sandals.

One of the most famous natural sites is the Blue Grottoa dark cavity where the sea water is tinged with electric blue thanks to  the presence of an undergroundcave that filters the sunlight. During the summer, the spectacular coastline of the island, full of coves, attracts numerous yatchs. 

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